Caps Beer Garden

  • OTG Management
  • Pre design record documentation
  • Construction documents
  • MEP+SP and Structural Engineering Coordination
  • Bidding phase
  • Construction contract administration

This dynamic 2,158 sf structure captures the "Dining Oasis" goal. It has fluid whimsical lines and textures, all in the style of an Asian inspired beer garden. It also includes, a modern interactive dining experience complete with charging stations and iPads at each seat. The curved surface of the bar die features 27,180 pressed bottle caps. And, the overhead undulating ceiling structure is composed of 2,805 unique honeycomb cells all at varying depths, parametric modeling was used to generate individually-labeled and cut files for the hexagon cells. All architectural aspects are combined to form an enjoyable passenger experience complete with Kobe sliders and an ice cold beer.